Benefits of Practicing
Meihua Quan Kung Fu

Practicing Meihua Quan Kung Fu can benefit your body not only physically but mentally as well. Every person is different.

Training Benefits

Meihua Quan Practice

Some people’s primary focus is on the external body only, while others focus primarily on their mental ability. Therefore the personal goals are not the same. From our point of view, a person does not have only an outer body or only the head. We are a whole; therefore, when we train in Kung Fu, we must think of the overall body – inside and outside, mind, soul, and heart.

Set Measurable Goals

When you want to develop yourself, you must first set for yourself SOLID GOALS and REMEMBER them on DAILY BASIS. Will be days when you feel demotivated or tired, so you will require to keep motivating yourself.
How can you achieve your SOLID GOALS? We have proven that writing your perfect day from your life as if you have already accomplished your goals will help you pass through the days you lack motivation. So you get a piece of paper, and you write about the person you want to have become after you practiced for the long term. Reading the letter every day will bring you closer to the person you wish to become. Also will help you through the days when you think for yourself: “What’s the point?!”

Achievement of Ability

In the old times, people who practiced Meihua Quan achieved a state of ACCOMPLISHMENT by ACHIEVEMENT OF ABILITY. The achievement of ability can manifest in everything you do: waking up in the morning and throughout the day. Prepare and refine to become an expert in everything you do, from mental to body development. By practicing Meihua Quan, you will develop your SPEED and POWER because the basic training and the five stances train the internal body by expanding the QI and clearing the MERIDIANS of blockages. The warming up sessions warms up the body from inside-out, while when you run, your body warms up from outside-in.

Flexibility is another significant part of practicing the Meihua Quan. This type of exercise is in the daily routine for this style’s training. Another crucial aspect of training is the BRAIN BODY ASSOCIATION. It will give you BALANCE in the physical and emotional body. You will learn how to lower your heart rate when breathing and clear your mind.
A significant effect when you practice Meihua Quan is the extra body fat; therefore, you LOSE WEIGHT faster and on a deeper level. When you lose weight and become fit, you will notice a boost in your self-esteem and confidence.
The overall benefit is not only for the localized weight loss but also for learning how to deal with your emotions, which can further help you understand what you must do not to have the same patterns.
When you join our Meihua Quan program, you will learn how to become healthy inside-outside, achieve your ideal weight, gain clarity and build up new patterns for your life.