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Meihua Quan culture

serve today's society & benefit mankind

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Meihua Quan worships "the emperor of heaven and earth, parents and teachers." Students are required to know the "Eight Virtues," that is, loyalty (忠), filial piety (孝), benevolence (仁), love (愛), honesty (信), justice (義), harmony (和), and peace (平). Advocate the idea of "Meihua Quan in the world are one family." Carry forward the Meihua Quan spirit of "cherishing the people and patriotism, unity and dedication, diligence and self-improvement."​

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Meihua Quan advocates martial virtues, takes kindness as the foundation, filial piety as the first, harmony is the most precious, culture fosters martial arts, and martial arts carry the Tao. Rule the four seas like a rock and ascend all peoples to the realm of benevolence and longevity. Therefore, it is not a single boxing body but a comprehensive carrier of my country's ancient Central Plains culture.

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In the era of Cultural China, and in the face of the mission and responsibility of the new age of building a socialist cultural power and a sports power, we must fully tap and give full play to the cultural charm of Meihua Quan, make an excellent cultural contribution to Chinese martial arts, and let Chinese martial arts culture, integrate with social multiculturalism to achieve innovative development.

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The official languages of the IMHQF are English and Chinese. For the other nationalities which cannot communicate in the above languages, translations must be provided.