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Basics Training

Meihua Quan

Meihua Quan can be said to be a martial arts style with a profound origin, complete system, distinctive style, simple and effective. It contains the avenue of Chinese civilization and the essence of national thought. Therefore, it has been shining for more than 3000 years.

Meihua Quan follows a well-established practice method from simplicity to complexityback to simplicity, from stillness to movement, and back to stillness; layer by layer growth and continuous growth. Meihua Quan follows the scientific rules of application – externally train the body, internalize the mind, keep calm, move and attack. One movement will be born from the other. 

Meihua Quan Etiquette

Basic Hand Shapes

Warm-Up & Basic Movements

Basic Steps Pattern

Basic Skills Practice

Boxing Potential

Five Yin & Yang Movements

Five Power Boxing Practice

Five Power Leg Practice

martial arts inheritance

basic skills training

The martial arts field of Meihua Quan is mainly based on the practice and inheritance of martial arts. The martial arts exercises are both broad and profound, simple and effective, and fully embody the characteristics of simplification and the magic of the Dao. They are rooted in the most profound Chinese national cultural heritage. Meihua Quan adheres to profound philosophical principles applying the theory of Yin & Yang and Five elements. It has evolved from the most essential five postures to a boxing method that integrates various leg movements, hand shapes, steps, and body postures and extends to different weapon exercises, battle formation tactics, and the unique Meihua Quan poles method. 

Daily Practice

Gradual Improvement for Proficiency

Martial arts is a sport that involves the movement of the muscle groups, joints, tendons, ligaments, and internal organs. 

Flexibility, Elasticity & Strength

The flexibility of the knees, hips, and shoulders joints, the elasticity of the waist, the strength of the upper and lower body, and breathing control are crucial in Meihua Quan practice.

Basic Training

Basic training for the waist and legs, headstands, stake-standing, stances, eyes and hands, and fist punches are the first priority. First, learn the rules then work on the strength.

Meihua Quan Ba Fa skills

Eight Essentials

The eight essential skills include the eyes – hands – body – feet – strength – skills – spirit. They represent hand and eye coordination, body coordination, footwork, Qi, breathing, strength, and techniques.