Meihua Quan Qi Xie (Weapons Study)



Movement and stillness give birth to clarity. The combination of movement and stillness begins with a clear mind, understanding right and wrong, light and heavy, understanding the priorities.

Shifu Shi Yanjun

the study of weapons

In all traditional styles of Wushu that are respected, the study of weapons is critical. The study begins with learning the so-called “four basic weapons” (saber, sword, spear, stick). 

The acquisition of external motor techniques (Wai Gong) and internal work energy (Nei Gong), linked to the use of these four weapons, allows the practitioner to learn, without effort, the use of all the other weapons typical of the style Meihua Quan.

Qi xie training Method

The traditional weapons typically recognized in Chinese Wushu are eighteen. 

However, in Meihua Quan are, many more are due to the so-called “Secret Weapons of Meihua Quan” or special weapons.

These special weapons have often been protagonists in significant popular uprisings in China, such as the famous “boxers revolt” (Yihetuan), which took place in the early 1900s. Often disguised as harmless agricultural tools or even as parts of transport wagons, they passed unnoticed under the control of the imperial military authorities to suddenly transform themselves into fearsome instruments of death.

Incredible meihua

meihua quan weapons

Below is a list of some of the typical weapons used in Meihua Quan:

Jian (Sword)
Dao (Saber)
Qipan Daqiang (Great Spear of the Chessboard)
Chunqiu Dadao (Halberd of Springs and Autumns)
Ji (Ancient spear with a crescent blade under the tip weapon)
Yue (Large ax with hooked blade)
Qiang (Spear)
Dangpa (Trident)
Yanchi Dang (Swallow-wing trident)
Lanma Jue (Mace to stop horses)

Tiji (Ji in relief)
Wenbang (Civil Club)

Wuhu Shengou (Magic hooks of the five tigers)
Chenxiang Guai (Scented wooden hanger)
Huping Guai (Tiger calming hanger)
Liuxing Guai (Meteor hanger)
Jiuhuan Xizhang Fangbian Chan (Buddhist shovel with nine rings)
Nanyang Cha (Southern Sun Fork)
Meihua Kun Gun (Meihua Kun Trigram Pole)
Fenghuo Lun (Wind and Fire Wheels)