Meihua Ying Quan (赢拳, Victory Boxing)



The hands will float like the clouds in the sky, and the legs will whirl as powerful and light as the wind.

Shifu Shi Yanjun


A level of learning is a prelude to absolute mastery. Ying Quan (赢拳) is free combat between two people. It represents the second level of boxing practice and constitutes an advanced preparation phase for the fight and integrates the theory of “The Art of War” – Sunzi.

In combat, defending will also be attacking, and attacking will be defending. The Yin is in the Yang, and the Yang is in the Yin. They give rise to all things. Winning or failing becomes a matter of moments.

Ying Quan Method

Climbing up the trunk of the Meihua tree, you will find yourself at this level of learning the Meihua Quan style Wu Gong.

In Ying Quan, unlike the Cheng Quan, there will be no preordained movement sequences, but the fight will become completely free. Practitioners will have to find a way to take advantage of every possible opening offered by the opponent (Jian Kong An Dou), thus trying to seize every opportunity for victory, modulating strength and avoiding useless movements (Quan Wu Kong Qu), change technique and strategy instinctively and effortlessly (Sui Yi Er Dong) to exceed the opponent’s expectations.

The complex practice for Ying Quan requires the practitioner to perfectly master the combat technique of Meihua Quan, acquired with the training of Cheng Quan. He can naturally express twisting, contracting, and extending the body like a spring. Beware the opponent’s actions, become soft as a feather pillow, and transform and remove the enemy’s strength.