Meridians & Health Effects on the Body
Da Shi Stance

Practicing Meihua Quan Kung Fu can benefit your body not only physically but mentally as well. Every person is different.

“Ergophysiological and Physical Mechanics of Da Shi stance of Meihua Quan”  by Dr. Vasileios Ag. Drougas BSc. MSc. PhD. PhD (Phil)

Scientific Positions: 

Post Doctorate Researcher in the Applied Ergophysiology Laboratory, School of the Medicine University of Ioannina Greece. 

Associated Researcher Laboratory of Knowledge & Intelligent Computing (KIC-LAB) Department of Computer Engineering T.E.I. of Epirus,

Director & Researcher of Movement for Life Research Lab (MLRLab) Greece

Professor in the Department of Computer Engineering T.E.I. of Epirus

Research purpose

The purpose of the research is to present the ergophysiological parameters and the forces applied at the stance Da Shi of the ancient style of Chinese Kung Fu Meihua Quan and promote rehabilitation results to many different parts of the upper human body.

forces & da shi stance

The Forces existed in the Human Body during the practice of the stance of Meihua Quan Da Shi (stance for Lungs and Large Intestine) are:

Where the forces are

(W) Is the Body Weight
(Wf) The front force from the Weight
(Wb) The back force from the Weight
(Fup) The force from the backhand
SF (Fup, Wb) the new Force between Fup, Wb
(Nb) The back force from the ground
(Nf) The front force from the ground
(F1) The Front Hand Force to the looking direction
(Φ) The Degrees between the Ηorizontal and Parallel Direction (PR)

Da Shi Stance

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Meridians, Kinetics & Medical Benefits

With the extension of the front hand, the Lung Meridian opens, and the Qi continues to flow from the hand to the inner body. The central place of the upper body opens, and the lungs work better and freely. Also, the Intestine Meridian opens, and the Qi flows better and more efficiently. The same happens with the backhand, which is up. The Yang Qi flows from the Large Intestine Meridian inside when the hand is up.

Improves the Kinetics

Meihua Quan Da Shi Stance is very important for the human body. It is indicated for orthosome, relieving the backbone relaxation and weight of the internal organs of the lower abdomen, as well as for restoration. The posture can decongest tensions in the intervertebral discs from hollows. It improves the kinetics by removing even possible lesions and concavities that may have formed. It is suitable for women who suffer from stasis and orthosomia because the breast forces the body to tilt forward or create a slight but evolving kyphosis. The kyphosis in conjunction with poor posture and torsion of large groups of vertebrae can cause scoliosis or enlarge it and twist the spine in a multi-layered form. It is beneficial for people who work in the office with scoliosis, kyphosis, reduced motor ability, and multiple sclerosis. It could be studied extensively and researched at the clinical level for multiple sclerosis.

Medical Benefits

The upward stretched hand helps to decompress the lumbar vertebrae and decompress the scalp muscle that is more severe in cases where cervical syndrome has been diagnosed and the other muscle groups involved in this area. Therefore, the posture is indicated for the interoperability of the cervical vertebrae area and in cases of severe stress. It helps to improve the balance and achieve greater perceptual capacity necessary for people engaged in specialized exercise and practice such as Wu Shu, gymnastics, and rhythmic gymnastics. 

Achieving a more general balanced posture can help achieve internal balance and improve the ability to attach and enhance the characteristics of perception. But also for people who want to keep their bodies in good physical condition without burdening them with poor posture and lack of exercise. The study could also focus on further clinical research with more specific expertise.

Meihua Quan Da Shi stance helps to circulate blood through the basic two femoral arteries and thus avoids thrombosis problems while helping to reduce blood pressure. It smoothest more easily from top to bottom and vice versa, so the lungs responsible for fluid flow in the body are not tired, and they work together more easily with the kidneys and the heart.

Bill Drougas Da Shi Stance


We would like to thank Dr. Bill Drougas, 18th Disciple of Meihua Quan, for the research of the first stance of Meihua Quan, Da Shi. In the following posts, we will publish the entire research. 

Shifu Du Weijun (monastic name Shi Yanjun)

Executive President of IMHQF