Searching the concerned module and effects with Kung Fu Training

Practicing Meihua Quan Kung Fu can benefit your body not only physically but mentally as well. Every person is different.

“Searching the concerned module and effects with Kung Fu training”

by Dr. Vasileios Ag. Drougas BSc. MSc. PhD. PhD (Phil)

Scientific Positions:

Post Doctorate Researcher in the Applied Ergophysiology Laboratory, School of the Medicine University of Ioannina Greece.

Associated Researcher Laboratory of Knowledge & Intelligent Computing (KIC-LAB) Department of Applied Informatics and Telecommunications  University of Ioannina Greece

Director & Researcher of Movement for Life Research Lab (MLRLab) Greece

Professor in the Department of Applied Informatics and Telecommunications, University of Ioannina, Greece

Executive Board for Medical Research in the International Mei Hua Quan Federation, USA 


Practical training in Kung Fu is based on movement awareness through the entity of the moment and spiritual clarity. It is a process of self-knowledge of the space-time moment of our existence and our adaptability to space and time. It is directly related to our breathing capacity and its management at the moment and before and after it.
It is impossible to achieve significant results if we have not joined the interior with the outside. It means that in the course of our movement, the Spirit is joined to the body through the existence of the Spatio-temporal change that contains a conscious process of being.
The essence of Tai Chi Chuan is in constant motion, which has no beginning and finally, of course, the union of Mind and body. Even before the motion begins, the Mind has already created it. If the Mind does not merge with motion, it has no substance. We will just move like a leaf drops from the tree with the air.
Here lies the discovery of the inner self and the identification of the substance. Otherwise, we simulate some moves that do not have an internal essence. According to Krishnamurti, without self-knowledge, we can not go beyond the limits of the Mind. So we will never be free.

Training & practicing kung fu

The liberation of the Mind and our mental states are directly related to how we see the world and participate in the discovery and investigation of the truth and our gnostic status. To become better, you need to do better first of the inner self.

After that, the compound will come into effect. It brings about a situation called the will of life. This process adapts all the chemical processes of life and all the systems involved. This union has the potential to broaden the Mind and body of its parts and to adapt all its fields of existence towards psychosomatic recovery. During practice, four virtues have alternation and appearance in a circular sequence, such as purity, satisfaction, discipline and spiritual exploration. These make Kung Fu a unique art that is refreshed and reproduced through the sequence of motions and combinations that eventually promote the human body and spiritual humanity of man. It can promote the inner balance and helps to develop the binary equilibrium of the external behaviour and the spiritual character of the individual. It leads to auto suction and is spiritually uplifting.

Training Path

Kung fu

This function assists the evolution and process of adaptability and regeneration, which means that there is something different to its power and the use of this in the world. It has to do with the balance of the moment, namely the balancing of the inner and the outer self at the moment when the whole body and our two entities are consciously united. It creates an evolutionary personality that is regenerated at any moment through this union and spiritually uplifting if it is possible for our Spirit to be unaffected. This can be achieved by satisfying our external thoughts and the spiritual part of our personality. Satisfaction can mean acceptance without subordination and consent. The whole world can not be governed only by power. Through training in traditional Kung Fu, the person acquires a present-day experience. So it turns Qi and the technique at every moment into something unique that we understand and experience it once. It helps to calm down mental disturbance and stimulation without reason or substance. If there is such satisfaction, there is no meaning and substance, neither the cause nor the disorder. Thus the movement that the practitioner presents is united in its two hypostases that characterize our existence in a calm that is independent of external influences and situations that surround us and can affect us at any time.

Balance of Mind & Body

It is directly related to balancing and combining the Mind and body material. Two different but similar parts should not be separated from one another. Movement discipline has its merit in this union and its preservation. Without it, power becomes uncontrollable and destructive. So it is a study of our inner self in the context of its separation from rules that govern our separation, mimics and dependencies, which have no real value and make the Spirit and the consciousness separate their essence. That is to create an imbalance. Each move passes consecutively from fixed points that we try to keep united in succession and continuity. It resembles a sequence of functions that are represented by a continuous line in space and time. At every point that is a distinct moment of our being in the real universe, we must keep the Mind and body unified to unify our existence with it. Performing every movement through the continuity of the points of space and time in complete consciousness and flow is an exercise in being able to act in your life unified and consciously. So what’s going on with Kung fu and the move. The power of Kung fu lies behind the moment we live by making every move within the space and time we choose. It means we are in touch with the evolution around us. We do not cease to exist, nor do we cut off from it. We simply participate in the process of evolution. This development is physical and internal. It is the evolution of our Minds and feelings that gain positivity for every moment. Whenever we make a move or are at a stop, all our internal organs are in co-operation with a clear mind. Our thinking is at the target and the moment. Every moment is different, and we live it as we participate in it with movements and changes that occur in our body and our thinking about what we do.


The energy flows through our body and guides us to a result through a taolu. So we can trace it and understand its value. We can say that the art of kung fu is an art that teaches you to live the moment and to participate in it with your inner and outer world. It is also the important point of every stance and every move in which anyone who practices Kung Fu tries to become united with the story he writes at that moment with his body and Mind during his training. To achieve this, we need our consciousness and self-knowledge and must protect our consciousness from knowing what we are trying to do. Then I’m sure we will try harder and get better and better. Kung Fu will become even better and stronger and pass through us as an energetic art. After we will need to live more quietly and with more inner strength, knowing more and more about ourselves and the inner truth. The consciousness of what we do in every kung fu movement is an effort to find the value of motion and relate it to a process in our lives. So Kung Fu and its practice is a commitment to what we do and to the moment that is directly related to our evolution. If we do not participate in our evolution with all our body and thought, we cannot follow the high frequencies of evolution related to our recovery in this world. So there is nothing different in ourselves, and we seem to go backwards, and we are not getting better. When we have commitment and conscience to what we do, we will be dominating the moment we change each time and our thoughts. Each time we perform a series of exercises, for example, Taolu or forms at any Kung fu style, no problem, there is a change inside us, and this change leads us to understand how we see the things around us at that moment.

So training in Kung Fu is a process of adaptation that is getting closer to completeness and development as often as possible. If we just wander unnecessarily with moves and stances or difficult techniques moving in the space, we are not conscious about what we are doing. Then everything is nothing. It has no effect. The energy of whole-body involvement and mindfulness of Mind with pure thought is the key features to achieve the best result and to see the real essence of kung fu.
That is why we should practice Kung Fu every day without trying to achieve a victory but to become united with the process of our evolution over time. It will help us become better people and healthier as we will have a clean body and a clear mind of negative emotions. Then we will come closer to another big part of advanced Kung Fu, the advanced training that is meditation through the movement.

Bill Drougas Da Shi Stance


We would like to thank Dr. Bill Drougas, 18th Disciple of Meihua Quan, for the research of the first stance of Meihua Quan, Da Shi. In the following posts, we will publish the entire research. 

Shifu Du Weijun (monastic name Shi Yanjun)

Executive President of IMHQF