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China Intangible Cultural Heritage, March 5th, 2007 

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Culture Preservation

The International Meihua Quan Federation (IMHQF) was established on October 1st, 2016, and governs the traditional style of Meihua Quan worldwide. The IMHQF is devoted to spreading and developing Meihua Quan throughout the world. The purpose is to enrich people’s lives and to promote friendship through the spirit of sport.

Cultural Exchange

All the members of the federation must promote cooperation, have friendly relations, and have a mutual understanding. We aim to respect the principles of democracy, equality, and harmony within the Meihua Quan community. All forms of racial, political, cultural, ideological, and gender discrimination are not tolerated.

The law of traditional culture

Chinese Kung Fu is handed down by means of studying, researching, and practicing, making it become a lifestyle. It is a kind of traditional culture, combining many fields like ancient religion, philosophy, folklore, military art, literature, traditional Chinese medicine, and other natural sciences. The particular consciousness, mind, understanding, experience, and ways in practicing Kung Fu of each individual successor strongly reflect the influence of the regional culture. Modern martial arts sports and Chinese traditional Kung Fu cannot be mentioned to the same level. They are not the same thing. Modern martial arts belong to modern sports, while traditional Kung Fu is Chinese traditional culture. 

Intangible Cultural Heritage

“There isn’t a mountain which is tallest”

Official Certification

On 5th of March 2007, in the Houmazhuang village, Pinxiang county, Xingtai city, Hebei province, Meihua Quan was awarded the Certificate of the INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE in China.

Special Guests

Successors & disciples from Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu, and abroad (Taiwan & USA),  government representatives Mr. Chen Yao (Chairman Mao’s bodyguard & Red army member), and Mr. Wang Binsheng (Central Organization Department of CCP officer) attended.  

Zhang Xiling

Executive President of Chinese Pingxiang Meihua Quan Association & 17th Generation Disciple

Han Baiguang

16th Generation Successor of Meihua Quan 

Darell William Levack

President of Chinese Culture Center of Connecticut, USA



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